The Tricks to Achieve an SEO-Optimized Web Design


Designing and developing a successful website has become a significant priority for businesses, organizations, and individuals looking to remain updated with web development trends. Today, most web and app developers look for innovative ways to make their web designs as SEO-friendly as possible in an effort to improve their ranks on leading search engines. Fortunately, working with the right eCommerce website development company can instantly help you achieve an SEO-optimized web design. Here are three tricks to meet this goal.

Search Engine-Friendly Website Navigation

The navigation your website offers matters significantly when trying to be identified by search engines. In other words, the web design you create should allow users to pinpoint where they can find what they’re looking for.

With an accessible menu bar, easy-to-read text, bigger font size, and a readable font color, it’s easy to simplify your website’s overall navigation. However, the navigation features you offer should also be search engine-friendly. This means that search engines like Google should be able to redirect users to your web page with the navigation tools you offer. From the products and services page to the contact form, every web page should be search engine-friendly.

Comprehensible Content

A web design can never be SEO-optimized unless it has easily comprehensible content. Fewer words or long and complex sentences can easily undermine this goal. Therefore, remember to incorporate headings, subheadings, shorter paragraphs, and relevant keywords to the content of your website.

This will make your website’s content easily readable by search engines, making it well-curated and SEO-optimized. Creating SEO-optimized content requires credible research, strategic keyword placement, and the use of high-quality images that won’t only enhance your website design but will also improve your rankings among existing competitors.

Search-Friendly URLs

Lastly, the URLs you design for your website’s web pages should be search-friendly. In other words, the URL for all your web pages shouldn’t be complex or challenging to crawl. Ideally, the URL should contain a keyword or display the main content of the page to be easily identified by search engines and users.

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