Major UX Design Principles to Watch Out for in 2022

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Prioritizing user experience is paramount when trying to achieve success and potential for consistent growth. Ever since the inception of mobile applications and websites, UX designs have been subject to drastic changes and transformations to fit users’ needs and convenience throughout the years of their advancement.

Today, web and app developers continue looking for ways to improve user experience by setting trends or adopting the best ones. Whether you’re developing an e-commerce website or an iOS mobile application, here are three UX design principles you should consider this year.

1. More Personalization

One of the greatest principles of an extraordinary user experience is personalization. It’s when you give users the freedom to be creative and use a website and app on their terms and comfort. The more personalization you offer, the higher the chances of people using your website and app more frequently.

There are several ways to incorporate customization in your UX design. From letting users design their own avatar to customize the products they’re purchasing, personalization can be added anywhere to allow users to experience your website or app with optimal authenticity.

2. Dark Mode

If you’re an avid digital user, you will likely see a dark mode version of every website or app you use today. It’s one of the greatest UX design principles most leading web and app companies adopt.

The main idea of the dark mode is to keep the screen minimally bright for users so they can easily navigate through a website or application without hurting their eyes or discomfort.

3. Data Visualization

Users prefer images and graphics instead of reading extensive amounts of text on the screen. This indicates how data visualization is a dire need for a successful UX design today. It’s when the data you’re presenting is converted into visualized information, such as maps, images, charts, graphs, and more. This requires the expertise of a qualified web and app development company.

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